Web Key Directory

Web Key Directory is a new key discovery scheme that allows discovering OpenPGP keys from e-mail addresses.

For example, when looking for a key for Joe.Doe@Example.ORG the key would be fetched from the following location:



Check your deployment of Web Key Directory:

Warning: The checker is currently being rewritten in Rust. In case of problems please report.

Privacy notice: the e-mail address that you provide is never stored and processed only during this check.


Following applications support discovering keys using Web Key Directory:



Adding key to Web Key Directory requires calculating encoded hash of the name and exporting binary key to that location.

For example, given e-mail address test-wkd@metacode.biz:

$ gpg --list-keys --with-wkd test-wkd@metacode.biz
pub   rsa2048/0x6BA55ED83ABAE1BB 2018-05-08 [SC] [expires: 2020-05-07]
      Key fingerprint = 74EC 8D3D A82A 79DA A25D  F10C 6BA5 5ED8 3ABA E1BB
uid                   [ultimate] Test WKD Key <test-wkd@metacode.biz>
sub   rsa2048/0x3B5E7761615E2207 2018-05-08 [E] [expires: 2020-05-07]

The hash is 4hg7tescnttreaouu4z1izeuuyibwww1.

Exporting the key (gpg --export test-wkd@metacode.biz) and putting it on:


will make it available to all applications using Web Key Directory.

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